Best Hacks and Tips to Conduct a Summertime House Shifting

Looking for hacks and tips to conduct a summertime house shifting? Well, let me tell you that it is easier said than done; especially in this regard. House shifting is a herculean task that needs professional assistance. You have to plan out a lot of things and according to your plans and decisions, the packers and movers will carry out the execution process. This entire activity is meticulous but conducting a summertime house shifting in India is a different challenge altogether.

India’s topographical stretch contributes to its climatological disparity. There is a huge difference in temperature between the northern and the southern part of the country. Again, there is a lot of difference in weather conditions between the coastal and the inland states of India. However, summertime in India is warm, hot, or torrid. Some places experience extremely brutal heat waves during summers and conducting a house shifting in such weather conditions is a legit challenge.

Despite all the difficulties of the extreme heat during summertime, it is quite common for people to conduct house shifting during summers. Movers and packers business witness a striking boost in the logistics due to the high demand. But there are a few things that you should be careful about if you consider house shifting in the summertime. Keep reading to know about the same.

Prepare the Move

We already know that summer is the peak season for house shifting in India. Hence the packers and movers will be booked with endless orders for house shifting services. You cannot decide to book their services at the last minute as they will be highly occupied. Start preparing two to three months before and book your services at least one month before the day of the move. This will let you choose genuine, efficient, reputed, and experienced packers and movers near your location within your budget.

Mention your Requirements

Let your packers and movers know about your specific requirements if you want some specific customisation. Regarding the packing, if you need some particular kind of cartons, vessels or boxes, mention about the same much before the day of your move. The moving company will send packing materials according to your preference. For shifting fragile items, expensive artefacts, framed paintings, combustible items, corrosive items, etc. the staffs need to be further careful while packing and handling them. Maintain communication with the moving company to make sure that your instructions are aptly followed.

Make a Checklist

Make a checklist when you are considering a house shifting. Mention in detail all the belongings that you want to shift. As you make the checklist, you will get a clear idea about the essential belongings and the unnecessary ones. Steer clear of unnecessary things. Sell the things that are worn out like some pieces of furniture or defunct home appliances. Donate old clothes, shoes, bags, toys, and books to an NGO or an orphanage. Discard the broken or damaged things.

Keep your move light-weight comprising only the necessary items from your belongings. The lesser the items that need to be packed, carried, loaded, moved, and unloaded during summertime, the better it is for the packers and movers. Shifting your belongings into a lesser number of boxes would cut down the labour costs. It will also save them from the pointless workload in the scorching summer heat of India.

Plan the Shifting Early

Ask the packers and movers to arrive early in the morning so that the smouldering temperatures of the mid-day can be avoided. The maximum temperatures of the day in summers are generally between 12 PM to 4 PM which means that the packers and movers will be least efficient during this time. So, if the team starts the packing process early in the morning, most of the job will be done by mid-day. Again, if the loading and transporting procedure starts after 4 PM, the entire house shifting process will feel less draining even in the extreme heat of the summers.

Stick to the Quickest Route

Find out the shortest road that reaches your destination. Analysing this will save you a lot of trouble. Nobody would wish to wander around aimlessly getting lost amid the scorching summer heat. Determine a proper road-map and stick to it while you are moving with the belongings. Remember to include an additional route as a backup, in case of any commotion on the road. Continue to communicate with the packers and movers to stay updated about their transit status.

Don’t Carry Combustible Substances

Summertime temperatures are unforgiving in India and there is a fair chance of catching fire while moving during the mid-day. Steer clear of combustible items like fireworks, gasoline, kerosene, matchboxes, and lighters. This will prevent the outbreak of fire from causing havoc during the move.

Sensitive commodities like electronics, artworks, candles, etc. should be packed properly to avert damage in extreme heat. Check with your packers and movers beforehand that the moving vehicle is of standard built quality so that it can withstand the excess heat and your belongings stay protected.

Stay Hydrated

The sweltering temperatures of the summers in India can cause dehydration. Stay hydrated as dehydration can lead to impairment of your physical health. While moving, carry an ample supply of water, green-coconut water, and other fruit juices so that your body gets the required amount of water and minerals. Instruct the packers and movers to carry sufficient water with them so that they don’t fall sick while moving in the summers. Their health conditions will affect the pace and efficiency factor in your house shifting process.

Stay Sun-safe

Temperatures outside in the summers in India are intolerable. Staying under the direct rays of the sun can cause serious damage to your skin. The UV rays can blight your skin and you can get sun-burn with prolonged exposure to the sun. It is very important to protect your skin by wearing full-sleeved outfits in light colours. Apply sunscreen lotion with high SPF, and UVA and UVB protection. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Your Call After All

Summertime in India can prove to be callous. House shifting in such a harsh climatic setting is nothing less than a nightmare. The heatwaves can easily cause skin burn and leave you utterly drained. Yet with the above-mentioned hacks and tips, you will be able to work out a practical way of summertime house shifting in India. So here’s wishing you a happy and safe move!

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